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Professor SO, Kwok-Fai

Chair Professor
Jessie Ho Professor in Neuroscience
Department of Ophthalmology, HKU

Tel no.: (852) 2831 5366

Ph.D. (Neuroanatomy) Brain and Cognitive Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Research Interest

• Neuroprotection and neuroregeneration of the mammalian optic nerve and brain
• Exercise and brain health

Current Projects:

  1. Retinal neuromechanisms of seasonal affective dis or ders
  2. The scientific basis f or using Chinese herbal medicine Lycium barbarum (Wolfberry) as preventive medicine against nerurodegeneration in glaucoma and depression
  3. Secondary degeneration of the optic nerve following partial transection: the protective effects of Wolfberry
  4. Adult neurogenesis and molecular mechanism underlying sexual behavi or in male rats following induction of depression-like behavi or and pharmacological treatment
  5. Neuroprotective effects of physical exercise and Wolfberry on stressed brain: its relationship to hippocampal neurogenesis and dendritic remodeling
  6. The protective effect of electrostimulation on the retina in glaucoma

Publications List (2009 – )

Reviews and Chapters in Books and Proceedings
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Original Papers (2009 - )


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